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Black Hoodie Rap- Machine Head (VIDEO)

Here’s Brandon and I’s latest Black Hoodie Rap music video. We’re very proud of this, as this is what we think a music video should look like. If you want to read more about the concept, go check out the entry on the BHR site.

(Side note: Just graduated from Northeastern a few weeks ago and am slowly getting settled into Brooklyn. As anyone who frequents this site knows, the best way to stay in touch is through the BHR blog, or here. I’ll be back here in full effect soon.)


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Take Witness Feature on Black Hoodie Rap

Last week, we sat down with Nick Mendez, a good friend of mine and recent graduate of Northeastern’s journalism program. He maintains a blog called Take Witness that chronicles/showcases his very creative approach to journalism.

During the course of the two days we spent with him, we did a full photo shoot, podcast, and interview for the actual written piece itself. Aside from the content being about something I’m involved in, I can’t tell you how impressed I was at Nick’s approach to writing about a music group. This is the type of journalism that will keep entertainment journalism alive, and fully utilizes everything great new media has to offer.

You can find the Podcast on iTunes by search “Take Witness” in the iTunes Store. Or simply check out the full feature at Take Witness by clicking here.

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A Black Hoodie Rap Video Short: “Do or Die Mindset”

You’re going to hear a lot about Black Hoodie Rap here.  I’ll get into more detail shortly, but for the time being, if you’re interested in finding out more about it, check out BlackHoodieRap.net.

This particular video is the third part of a short video series we’re doing titled “BeFOR RENT.” It’s a bunch of videos that showcase different songs, freestyles, and ideas we had while making our first project, For Rent.

Hit the jump to find out a little more about us.
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