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Black Hoodie Rap- Machine Head (VIDEO)

Here’s Brandon and I’s latest Black Hoodie Rap music video. We’re very proud of this, as this is what we think a music video should look like. If you want to read more about the concept, go check out the entry on the BHR site.

(Side note: Just graduated from Northeastern a few weeks ago and am slowly getting settled into Brooklyn. As anyone who frequents this site knows, the best way to stay in touch is through the BHR blog, or here. I’ll be back here in full effect soon.)


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My Short #Guide to Understanding the BHR Twitter @ #SXSW

I was in Austin at SXSW all last week. If you follow Black Hoodie Rap on Twitter, you probably saw a bunch of updates about the various things I got into while I was down there.

Professor Kennedy has asked me to explain a little more about how I used Twitter as a reporting tool in doing this, so here it goes:

For SXSW specifically, Twitter is the best communication tool next to a phone call or text message. There are so many showcases going on at once, with so many surprises, special guests, last minute additions, etc.  For this reason, Twitter is easily the best tool to communicate these types of things. Graphic flyers are not easily edited and blogs are tough to read on cell phones, so it becomes pretty clear why Twitter is more efficient at communicating these various things. Not to mention, much of the music community is arguably more in tune with Twitter than any other social media medium.

  • March 19, 2:52 PM (Artists never go on when they’re supposed to, so here’s an example of how to keep people informed as to what is going on and when)

Visuals always help, so I made a heavy use of Tweetphoto, ie: taking pictures with my phone and immediately uploading them to Twitter.

Last, but not least, I used it for a little contest for Black Hoodie Rap.

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I’m on Tumblr, too

I will of course be updating here as well, but be sure to check markdisalvo.tumblr.com for even more.

I’d especially recommend checking it frequently next week.

Tumblr is kinda dope.

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A Visual History of Boston’s Record Stores

I’m not a record collector, but I probably own somewhere around 100 vinyl records, which probably makes me… something. Whatever the case, I’ve always been oddly fascinated with record stores, and how their continued existence seems so ancient to us. I used to go into these stores weekly and came out with a new CD. Now, someone as loyal and music-loving as me almost sees record stores as a piece of history, rather than the future. I still love them though.

So check out some Flipcam recording and chime in if you’d like.

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Even Though It May Have Rained Enough in Boston to Warrant Construction of a New Ark…

…at least I got a good Blackberry photo out of it.

Just figured I’d check in to show you I’ve got a pulse here. I always have a pulse though, I ain’t dead. I was in New York last week working out the final portions of a video deal for Black Hoodie Rap‘s first directing/editing project for another artist. Filming starts this week, and we’re very amped about it, so a lot of prep has gone into that. You’ll be the first to know when I have more details to release.

On top of that, there’s a lot in the pipeline for the next month or so. SXSW being one of the many things. I’ll be there again. Last year, going for 2ManyMCs was really a great time.

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Physio-Ball Producing, or Healthy MPC Operation (Black Hoodie Rap TV)

Just put this up over at the Black Hoodie Rap blog, but figured I’d share it here too. We do this series of videos we call Black Hoodie Rap TV, showing us doing various activities, and I figured since it was Valentines Day, and I’ve been making music while using a physio-ball, I should document it.

Not to mention, if you are into our music, you get to hear some of our new material.

As I explained over at BHR:

As I was working on some beats before, I figured it would be good to check in with you guys on video, because it has been a little while. I also wanted to share with you something we found fun: making beats while sitting on a physio-ball. I mean, people sit around their offices on physio-balls, so why can’t I create music while defining my abs?

In addition to watching me produce on a physio-ball, you get a first listen of one of our new tracks.

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Look Ma! I Got My Own Dot-Com: markdisalvo.com

For the few of you that actually type this URL into the browser, I’ve made it a little easier for you: www.markdisalvo.com will now take you here.

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