Who is Mark DiSalvo?

Quite simply, you can call this the blog of all things related to me, Mark DiSalvo.

I’m a 24 year old living in NYC with extensive experience in audio, most notably in mastering. And that’s largely what you’ll find here: music I mastered or worked on in some capacity.

I spent the past two years working at a world-class mastering facility in Manhattan, NYC, where I had the privilege to learn the art of mastering by working on hundreds of albums and singles of all levels of acclaim. In February 2012, I had the pleasure and honor to attend the Grammy’s for our work on the Foo Fighters album Wasting Light.

Now though, I am out on my own and ready to master your record!

Before the audio and mastering days, you may know me or my work from Black Hoodie Rap, the hip-hop blog 2ManyMCs.com, or my stint writing for UndergroundHipHop.com.

Occasionally, I dip into other things here, as I’m only as useful as you think I am ;).

So please, for anything at all, feel free to contact me via Twitter, Email or phone.


Mark DiSalvo


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