Twitter Beat Everyone to the Fire (Literally)

A few hours ago, there was a fire in the Fens, (that’s right near Fenway Park for the non-Bostonian readers). Plumes of black smoke were flying in the air and were visible to anyone in the area. As you can see above, my apartment window had a good view, only a few blocks away.

The only indication of what was actually on fire came from Twitter and Twitpics. The marsh area in the middle of the park appeared to have caught fire, creating a West Coast brushfire-esqe scene.

This happened over three hours ago, and there isn’t a hint on I didn’t know what was going on until I did a simple hash-tag search for #fenway. Sure, I don’t know if it was arson, or what the cause even was, but at least I know what the source of the fire was.

Just thought I’d throw this out there.

UPDATE: The Boston Phoenix has an ongoing blog/section of their site devoted to the fire. Check out some of their videos and photos.


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