One of Boston’s best kept secrets, although it is not much of a secret anymore, is Bodega. I’m moving away in a few weeks, and the memories I have of this place and the people I’ve met there will be among my best times in Boston. If you know what Bodega is all about and you’re anything like me, you’ll know why I feel the way I do. However, for those looking for more of a synopsis of what the place is all about, well, I’ll do my best without giving too much away.

“Giving too much away? What are you talkin’ about, Mark?”

Well, all I’ll say is that at face value, Bodega is among the best sneaker and clothing botiques in the world. But there’s a lot more to it, of which, you’ll have to discover yourself. (I’m serious, we’re asked not to talk about it)

When you stumble on the store front pictured above, you wouldn’t expect that somewhere within those confines is this:

Here’s where the fun is (for all you out of towners or new comers): I can’t tell you how to get “into” the store. It’ll ruin the fun. You’re going to have to go to Massachusetts Avenue and Clearway Street and take a peek in the building pictured at the top of the post. You won’t be disappointed. There’s a reason this is a Boston “must see.”


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  1. Kunsiglyairre

    Nice photos…. especially the first one

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