Reminiscing: My Interview with Immortal Technique

I received an email yesterday morning from one of the first contacts and acquaintances I made in hip-hop, Dennis “Semp Rok” Paredes. Semp is a publicist out of Miami that is a veteran of hip-hop and music marketing.

Anyway, It wasn’t an email personally addressed to me, but it was a mass email about someone he represents: Immortal Technique.

Semp said he literally has over one hundred interview requests piling up for the guy, and that he has recently halted all interviews until he finishes his long awaited new LP, The Middle Passage.

This got me thinking about an interview I did with Immortal Technique when I worked with UGHH back in the summer of 2008. I was 7 months deep into an internship writing news for the website, and when my boss told me I could interview him, it felt like the coolest thing anyone could have asked me to do (ie: I was a giddy little girl).

Tech was even talking about this Middle Passage album back then. See, I interviewed him back when he was just releasing a mixtape with DJ Green Lantern. Even then, people wanted to know what’s next.

The reason I’m even taking the time to write about all this is because I’m blown away by how relevant and in demand Immortal Technique is after all these years. He’s largely been out of hip-hop’s spotlight since 2006, other than the mixtape I mentioned. It’s a true testament that someone who created something so artistically and culturally powerful can keep up in our internet/Twitter/shorter term memory age (his albums were independent hip-hop classics). It’s also a good commentary on all the work he does outside of hip-hop for his own causes.

Click here to read my throwback interview with Immortal Technique from the UGHH days.


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