Physio-Ball Producing, or Healthy MPC Operation (Black Hoodie Rap TV)

Just put this up over at the Black Hoodie Rap blog, but figured I’d share it here too. We do this series of videos we call Black Hoodie Rap TV, showing us doing various activities, and I figured since it was Valentines Day, and I’ve been making music while using a physio-ball, I should document it.

Not to mention, if you are into our music, you get to hear some of our new material.

As I explained over at BHR:

As I was working on some beats before, I figured it would be good to check in with you guys on video, because it has been a little while. I also wanted to share with you something we found fun: making beats while sitting on a physio-ball. I mean, people sit around their offices on physio-balls, so why can’t I create music while defining my abs?

In addition to watching me produce on a physio-ball, you get a first listen of one of our new tracks.


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