Less is More

It’s nice to see small towns embracing blogging and new media.  Don’t think it hasn’t happened either, because thanks to a former Metro West Daily News reporter, it has.

After Jennifer Lord Paluzzi was laid off from her job as health reporter for the Metro West Daily, she knew her future wasn’t going to be in working for another large news organization (they were hemorrhaging money anyway).

She had already started a blog via WordPress that covered her own hometown of Grafton, Massachusetts, and with the new found free time, she decided to invest significantly more energy into it.  Before long, she realized the blog had a great deal of readers in the town, and the people were getting angsty if she didn’t give them daily updates. They even went as far as sending her money to buy a new camera, because they wanted more content.

By the time Jennifer sought out additional income, she had trouble keeping potential advertisers away. It wasn’t long before other people wanted in.

She said that when investors saw there was a real, tangible base of readers in the small town, she was contacted by a venture capitalist to expand her model of websites to make a community of blogs for the surrounding towns. She accepted, and has been building CentralMassNews.com ever since. The network of blogs/sites, aims to provide the same coverage for Central Mass towns that the Daily Grafton provides.

The reality is that Jennifer Lord Paluzzi is doing more journalism for her community than was ever done before. It was all done without papers, presses or editors. It was done on a small scale, and they are continually building an infrastructure to make this financially viable.



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2 responses to “Less is More

  1. Your story is about 90% incorrect. I am the owner and founder of GraftonTimes.com and I have been building the CentralMassNews.com network since Mach of 2009. Jenn Paluzzi is my editor. I am not a venture capitalist and I own the company. Where did you get this scenario??

    • I apologize, based on her presentation, I must have misunderstood and thought incorrectly that she was one of the founders of the CentralMassNews.com network. I also apologize for labeling you falsely as a venture capitalist, however Jennifer did say she was approached by someone willing to take her model of small town reporting online, to a larger scale, with [more] money involved. I’m sorry for the remark.

      She did say that she had been working a site, The Daily Grafton, before transitioning over to the GraftonTimes.com, What else is so inaccurate about the description?

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