What’s the State of Our Union? A Quick Look at What Bloggers are Saying Before Tomorrow’s Big Speech

Obama’s first year as a president comes to a symbolic one year anniversary tomorrow evening when he delivers the State of the Union address. It has been anything but an easy honeymoon of a first year. Whether Scott Brown’s election is symbolic of a change (Not Obama’s “change”…) in the public’s perception of the president, or just a short term hiccup in the Democratic party as they recover from compromises over the health care bill, is yet to be seen.

The Hub Blog summed up what is probably the only true statement we can make out of this year:

The economy is killing Obama.

It doesn’t matter if you believe Obama’s policies are failing, succeeding, or up against too much; the simplistically complicated answer is that the economy has drastically affected the way people view him, whether perceptions are exaggerated or minimized. Glenn Beck and Papa Bear O’Reilly get louder by the day. As their scorn grows, so does a sizable portion of Americans.

The reality though, is that Obama probably has a majority of American’s support still, even though his opposition grows louder.

Unfortunately, some of Obama’s policies were doomed from the start, and by no fault of his own. The immediate success of his healthcare reform effort was bet on a Senate seat in Massachusetts, forcing many proponents of the bill to vote for a candidate they didn’t even like (a.k.a., Martha Coakley). Sure, she was in line with the health-care bill, but that’s about the only reason most of Massachusetts had to vote for her. Not exactly a winning formula. The headline of the aforementioned link is, “Yes it sucks. Yes you have to vote Coakley.” I don’t think I have to say much more.

It is a bit paradoxical though. I know there are many like the Blue Mass Group and Brett at Universal HUB who feel bitingly uninterested in the well-being of the elite who contributed to our miserable economic crisis.

Megan Woolhouse interviews therapists “wealth councilors” and “life coaches” treating those poor formerly filthy rich, now moderately rich, slime who caused worldwide financial collapse. Share in their pain as they must cope with the burden of no longer being able to decide whether they vacation in the Caribbean or Switzerland, suffer identity crisis as they realize they’re not John “I drive a 760iL” Smith, the guilt of screwing over millions if not billions of people, and the nervousness of suddenly being among the least popular people on the planet. What terrible, terrible woes compared to people worrying about paying for their kid’s education, their retirement, health care, heating bills, rent, or even just being able to put food on the table.

Yet, Obama’s criticism has been bi-partisan. And to think people were worried about the press and public giving Obama a free pass.

Is anyone still on Obama’s side, is it his own fault? Did he alienate his base? Those are questions I ask every day.

I’ll close with this though:

The way many Americans view economic recovery is probably archaic notion. It’s very much like the way newspapers are floundering to stay alive. Most of their ideas focus on “life support” methods to keep the old medium alive and relevant. They fall short of innovation, where their true success is most likely to be realized. I’m afraid that is what the economy has become as well. It will never be like it was, because the industries that held it steady are gone (like newspapers, music, etc). The economy will only get better as we evolve and truly step into the twenty-first century.

photo credit: wiredbike on Flickr


I set out to collect the opinions of Boston blogger’s on Obama’s first year, or even what he may discuss. However, as is typically symptomatic of our internet using habits, this type commentary probably won’t come until AFTER the speech. Hence, you have what you see above.


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